Leathers come in many flavors, choose exactly the right fit for you.

Want an everyday shoe?
Do you want an adventure shoe? For Festivals? Burning Man? Customize your boots the way you want. Create and envision, and make it a reality, just how you want.

Range of color

Choosing the right color is essential to what you create. What defines you? Which colors bring your vision most alive?

Don’t see the color you’re looking for? Inquire and see what your options are, maybe you want a boot of solid purple! That can be arranged.


Taller Boots

You can have knee-high boots, or boots just tall enough for your warmth. Sheep-lining can be added for the deep winter months.

Special Additions to your boots

There are so many special things to add to your boots… from dragonflies to snakes to most anything your heart can imagine in leather

Custom Braided Laces

For an additional $80, choose up to 4 colors from the deer/trim colors to be braided together for your laces

Out-seam Boots

Do you want your shoes to look more rugged? Do you want fuzzy lining for winter?

Custom Artwork

Would you like a wolf, a deer, flowers, a butterfly? What speaks to your heart?

Larger boots have more “canvas” space to be adorned

Distance Fittings Now Available

Reach out to me via email: songweavershoes@gmail.com

Questions? Ideas? Inspirations? Email me

Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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