About the Artist

the wonders of shoe making…

I have been making things and taking things apart since I was tiny.

I love the act of creating new artwork, new shoes. The process is a leap of discovery and imagination to design and create something new. I appreciate the conception process with clients just as much as I do the making of the boots.

I was drawn to shoe making after meeting a recent graduate of Earthdancer School of Shoemaking. I received boots that fit so well, they didn’t cause pain in my high instep (high arches). And while I’d naturally have found myself barefoot, instead I would wear the leather boots. And the shoes were appreciated every time I went somewhere new.

My shoemaker came by to repair my shoes. He somehow lost them.

I noticed that even six months later, I really wanted a similar pair of shoes that were going to snugly fit my feet. And so I sought his teachers, and pursued shoe-making.

I am inspired by the art of making quality leather shoes because they last. One of the reasons I can get so firmly behind this kind of shoe, and committing so much energy to it, because I find it to be a step toward sustainability. I’d much rather have a pair of leather boots that lasts 10 years than a pair of tennis shoes that lasts me six months to a year. I believe a commitment to this kind of product will make the world a better place. And help us generate less trash, and hopefully support the movement toward sustainable clothing and accessories.

I believe our dedication to finding products that last is a worthwhile direction, and one that I will seek.

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