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Making your shoes the way you want them

There are so many juicy options you have when you are designing your new shoes. You could go for knee-high boots, 6-button, or even go for artwork weaving across the shoe. There are so many possibilities, you can create your vision and weave my artistic style together to build a wonderful new boot.

The Occasion

What occasion feels right for you? These boots could be everyday wear, they could be for festivals, or hiking. These could be Burning Man boots, or moccasins for the deep forest, where you get as thin a sole as will work, so you can feel the forest floor. I offer leather soles if you like to Earth. There are so many options, just ask for what you want, and we can figure it out.

Choose your base color

Colors top to bottom:
Saffron, Nicotene, Tobacco, chocolate, redwood, purple, laredo chocolate, black, (heavy) black

Base colors are bullhide, and thick. The base color of your boots is tough: tobacco, chocolate, black, redwood, “heavy” black. If you want more wild colors for the main body of the shoe, mention the color you want, and we’ll look at what’s available.

Your shoes will also use the thicker hide for the heel, lace loops and laces.

There is an add-on to get fancy woven laces, that are up to 4 different colors of deer woven together.

From these colors, you choose the
main body color:
Lace Loop:
Heel color:
Toe Cap (optional):


options for smaller boots (up to 8 buttons) or mix & match

The Artwork

Colors cream to snake:
cream, saffron, gold-saffron, ‘henna,’ earth, redwood, mahogany, salmon, orange, red, pink, black, green, navy blue, purple, turquoise, black (elk), gold, white snake*, beige snake*

You can use your imagination here, the boots may be straightforward, and black, brown, and a touch of red. Or they could be wild, with gold lamb, red deer, and a whole rainbow of colors.

As boots get taller, there is more space for artwork in the form of deer, butterflies, dragons, snakes, you name it, and that’s a feature of the larger boots. Make the vision of what you want reality.

*hides range from deer to elk, to embossed lamb (w/ gold-foil, and snake), and a few thinner bullhide.

From these colors/patterns you choose the
trim colors (1-4):
lining color:
artwork ideas:

Choosing the final look

Would you like in-seam or out-seam? How tall a boot do you want?

Colors you need to choose:
Base Color:
trim colors:
lining color:
heel color:
lace loops:
artwork (description)

I always like to do a final color choosing in-person when fitting shoes. If you’re unavailable for in-person fittings, a phone consultation for understanding your vision is important.

The first step is to email me for a consultation, and fitting. Please begin to choose the colors for the shoe, and have something in mind.

options for more buttons (small or tall boots)

“I feel like these are the best shoes I could ever have and will ever have because they’re beautiful and they last a long time.”

Mira Malcolm

Pricing: I am charging $440 USD for a 3-button hiking boot. If you want add ons, like woven laces, or fur lining or lots of artwork, the price may vary. If you want taller boots, I typically charge $50 more per button (additional 2″). A six-button shoe would price at $590 (440+150) USD. Knee-high boots are currently priced at $690, and likely as I have a longer backlog of orders, prices will increase.

If you’re ordering from a distance , and are within the US, shipping is an additional $30. And you may need to send me the fitting of your own foot.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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