Why Songweavers?

These leather shoes could last up to 20 years with the right care. Songweavers are built with some of the best materials available, and my commitment to making shoes that they last. If worn as an everyday shoe, you may need a resoling after 3 years. I am excited about the sustainability of well-crafted leather shoes, and how they work to use materials that are so dominant in our world, and also move away from plastics and disposable shoes that last only a short time. The longevity of these shoes makes them well worth the investment.


I love these shoes because they fit my feet. If I have wide feet, no problem. If I have big calves, GREAT! And if I have a high instep, they still fit snug. Each shoe is custom made to the shape of your feet. The first step of making your shoe is making a cast of your foot to produce a pattern unique to your body. So when the shoes are finished, they make a sweet new home for your feet. They fit only the way a pair of shoes made to the shape of your feet fit.

These shoes are a great way to both invest in sustainability, and look stylish while you do it.

I have also been cautioned that these shoes fit snug, and I tell people they take a little time to break in . Leather takes time to stretch to your feet, and the neat thing about these shoes is they fit like a glove. Shoes often take about 1-2 hours a solid walking before they have fit well to a pair of feet, so be aware when you order this kind of custom fit shoe, they take some time to break in, and will end up more snug than most shoes, because they’re designed based on YOUR feet, not a mold of “size 12.” So the extra roominess you might be used to, will be no more. But these are the best fitting shoes I’ve experienced. The sensation of wearing custom fit shoes feels amazing though.

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